Why Python is The Best Programming Language?

Python is growing at supersonic speed.

It is now the most popular introductory teaching language in Universities of United states. Google uses a mix of languages with C++, Python and now GO among them.

You may not be aware, but Python is not a new language it was released in 1991 and has changed considerably over the years.

One biggest reason of its popularity is, it is a production based language meant for enterprise and first class projects. It can be used for just anything and so it’s considered as versatile.

With Python there are no limits you can build Raspberry PI applications, scripts for desktop programs and configure via Python. It is most popular language according to AIEEE survey.

Is Python Useful?

Python is incredibly easy to learn and use for newcomers and beginner’s. It is the most accessible programming language with simplified syntax. You can write Python code and execute it much faster.
A free language to download, use and code- Python is designed in English for easy understanding, writing and learnability.

Even with a little knowledge of Python, one can easily read and understand the codes by just giving a glance at it.

Python is great for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence and scientific computing.

Many developers have used Python to build productivity tools, games and desktop apps, so there are plenty of resources to help you learn.

Why learn Python?

Its advance library with multiple functionalities lets you do even the most complex tasks with an ease.

The dynamic language has been developed keeping budding software developers in mind.

With the constant demand growing for Python in the industry, let’s get to know why Python is The Best Programming Language.

1. Python Brings Big Money: All the big names of the industry like, Google, IBM, Nokia, Yahoo, and Disney are using Python. Learning Python can open the door to these corporations. Python also holds the largest year on year job opportunities. According to various studies, it has been said that Python is the most generously-paid programming language when compared to others.

2. Innovation with Python: If you know a little about the programming industry, you might have heard of Raspberry Pi-a cheap microcomputer used for creating various DIY projects like Gaming Consoles, Robots, and Remote Controlled Toys etc. The amazing Raspberry Pi is based on Python language and is so easy that even kids are using it vigorously. By using Python one can create something novel for the society or maybe something commercial that can create waves in the market.

3. Future of AI and Machine Learning: Python is gradually dominating the programming industry. With the flexibility of language and functions, it has also stepped in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning industry and it is highly sought after by the experts. Not only this, if the things moving at the same pace, Python will soon dominate the Artificial Intelligence landscape in no time.

4. Ideal for Start-ups: Start-ups do not succeed overnight. The environment in start-ups is highly dynamic and requires changes every minute. In such an environment working for hours on PHP cannot fetch the desired result while Python is a language where tedious tasks can be performed with minimum coding. It is fast and stable so can be used to design small scale and large scale websites and handle all sort of online and offline projects.

5. Always Fresh and Updated: Python is an open source programming language. There are always people at the other end working on its newer versions in order to keep it updated. This helps in keeping the language fresh, matches its pace with the growing age and keeps it up with the current trends.

With the above example, it can be concluded that Python is the ultimate solution for the developers. There are no second thoughts on how its importance and usability is going to grow in the coming time.


Evidently Python will continue to rule in terms of relevance and has pretty good future. Try flying with Python and showcase your career skills.

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