The In-Demand Skills People Need Most in 2021 and How To Learn Them?

What skills does a company value most in 2021?

Are you well versed with them?

No matter  your goal is  to begin a new job,  lead a team or grab bigger projects, learning these skills can help you stand out for that opportunity. After all we went through in pandemic, 2021 is still the year of adjustment with acceleration in Digital transformation.

To stay up you must seek for the in demand skills that will keep you competitive and functioning well in your career regardless of what’s ahead in future.

Many Countries today are experiencing a toughest of time when we talk about job opportunities.

Countries like US and many parts of EU are facing a skills gap already and some say that this is ‘the worst time for laborers’.

Why this change?

The answer is ‘Special Skills’.

Countries are actually becoming more open-minded when considering about job candidates. Big shots like Apple, Google etc. no longer require you to have a college degree by your side when you apply for a post.

Instead of worrying about your educational background, they are looking for some specific skills matter to the job. This is especially true for companies like Facebook who really prefers your skills rather than qualifications.

Big companies have been heard saying “you can apply for the job if you have relevant skills even if you don’t have desired qualifications needed for the job, what matters to us is what you bring to the table and that’s only can benefit us and you in the long run”.

The In demand skills are listed below.

1. Cloud Computing: Businesses are comfortable storing their data with public cloud providers. But as cutting-edge technologies, like machine learning, continue to reshape the job market the skills gap looms large across the industry. With over 350,000 specialists needed to help fill cloud roles there’s clearly a massive opportunity for professionals that can prove their skills.

2. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning: Interested in Machine Learning? You are not alone! More people are getting interested in Machine Learning every day. The demand for Machine Learning engineers is going to keep increasing exponentially. The world’s challenges are complex, and they will require complex systems to solve them. Machine Learning engineers are building these systems. If this is YOUR future, then there’s no time like the present to start mastering the skills and developing the mindset you’re going to need to succeed.

3. UI/UX Design: With user experience design becoming more popular and in demand, the need to diversify skills is clear. Proper UX design help in increasing productivity reduce support cost and boost customer retention and acquisition. By developing UX design skill such as knowledge of researching target markets, visual design skills and coding and project management you can surely become expert in tech industry.

4. Block chain: With high salaries offered to Blockchain engineers and more industries adopting this technology, it will remain a top skill to have in 2022 and year ahead. Blockchains are revolutionary new database for storing information in decentralized manner. This means there is no central point of attack for Hacker’s, Wal-Mart, Nestle and Unilever are large corporations that utilize Blockchain tech to track and protect global supply chains,

5. Data analytics: The ability to examine raw data and reach conclusions that enable companies to achieve business result is the top IT skill in demand .Learning to work with a variety of programming languages like SAS,R and Python will strengthen your career profile .

6. Digital Marketing: Digital marketing has started to gain immense importance and has become most in demand skill in 2021. Pandemic has gave it great boost as everything moved online. The world of digital marketing is vast and includes many skill set for specific position. The main goal of Digital marketing is to grow the presence of brands online and you can become part of it as social media manage, content creator, SEO expert and Digital marketing specialist.

How to get started and Gain IT skills?

While new age digital skills like cloud computing and artificial intelligence make it to the top of hard skills companies need most, the emergence of new skills suggests that employers recognize the importance of embracing modern technologies as well as recognizing those things technology can’t do: connect with other people, engage in out-of-the-box thinking and quickly adapt to new priorities or problems.

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