R Programming – Use of Data Sets

Tech giants are harnessing R programming – Use of Data Sets. Data for anything: Facebook uses it to figure out whether users like a status update or a profile pic. Google uses it for assessing the impact of advertising. And companies from Microsoft to Uber to Airbnb use it to crunch their giant mountains of user data.

What is R programming?

R is an open source programming language that is widely used as a statistical software and data analysis tool. It I was designed by Ross Thaka and Robert Gentlemen at the UniversityofAuckland, New Zealand. R is widely used by researchers from diverse discipline to estimate and display results and by teachers of statistics and research methods. Anyone can access the underlying code used to run the program and add their own code for free. This means R will always be able to perform the newest statistical analysis as soon as anyone thinks of them and will fix bugs quickly.

Advantage of R programming:

1. R is the most comprehensive statistical analysis package. It is used as leading tool for machine learning, statistics, and data analysis. As new technology and concepts often appear first in R.

2. R programming language is an open source and so you can run it anywhere and anytime.

3. R programming language is suitable for GNU/Linux a, windows and macOS. It’s the latest cutting edge tool.

4. In R everyone is welcome to provide new packages ,bug fixes and code enhancement.

5. R enable you to integrate with other languages like C,C++ and thus you can interact with many data sources and statistical package.

The use of this technology that gives you so many day to day advantages, While the language has been in use for over 25 years, it’s still a go-to discipline for expanding our understanding of vast data sets.

And more recently, it’s doing the heavy lifting in the expansion of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are getting aggressive and its use is becoming more and more advantageous for people to build path breaking innovations.

With this beautiful technology by their side, we can be sure of a bright future to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

With few tech skills more relevant and in-demand, now’s the time to get up to speed with the Complete Introduction to R Programming Bundle.

Your training begins with five courses that introduce you to understanding R programming, then mastering its aptitude for statistical operations, model building and data visualizations for real world use. The courses include:

  1. Introduction to R Programming
  2. Control Flow and Loops in R
  3. Working with Vectors & Matrices
  4. Data Acquisition with R
  5. Visualization of Data
  6. Statistical Analysis of Data
  7. Data Manipulation in R
  8. Modeling using Machine Learning in R


R programming is great tool to explore and investigate data. Of course, nothing reinforces learning like good old-fashioned reading, so you can go through numerous e-books available on the internet to learn about R programming.

It’s training that can earn you a six-figure salary as well as provide you a front row seat to the big corporate projects utilizing this R programming technology.

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