New Application offers key behavioral data to improve Health

Covid19 global health crisis is accelerating dramatic change. Now, how can we create more empathetic healthcare experience? Are we investing in technology that can make experiences more human?

Human behavior is one of the biggest drivers of health and wellness. In the future of health, where data and technology continue to advance human behavior can prevent us from becoming a healthier society.

Nascate’s Aware Application offers key behavioral data that can be combined with clinical data to improve healthcare decision making and reduce costs.

Based on the growing recognition that behavior – and not just clinical factors – critically affects health, Nascate announced the launched of an online platform that provides key information on people’s behavior outside the healthcare environment and how that behavior may affect health, utilization, and costs.

Nascate’s members will be able to integrate this behavioral data with clinical data to gain a comprehensive understanding of individual patients as well as patient populations, and their unique health risks.

“The medical community has embraced the importance of behavior and lifestyle in health and healthcare and has even begun collecting relevant data,” said James Lawson, EVP of Business Development and Marketing. “The majority of the data aren’t useful, though, because they’re not being processed, interpreted, and acted upon. Our goal is to prevent disease and unnecessarily healthcare spending by mobilizing behavioral data to make clearer how health psychology and behavior affect different layers of healthcare decision making.”

James Lawson

Advances in digital technologies and data analytics have created unparalleled opportunities to assess and modify health behavior and thus accelerate the ability of science to understand and contribute to improved health behavior and outcomes.

SOURCE: Prnewswire

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