Must Have New Skills – AI, ML and Automation

Are you thriving in the new age of technology? If not then it’s time to up skill yourself with Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Automation.

Given the layoffs in IT industry, it’s important to keep in mind and understand skills that are becoming outdated and being replaced by new skills which are highly in-demand. Jobs in fields such as manual testing, tech support, system administration have become outdated and are being affected by the developments in the field of A.I, machine learning, automation and robotics process automation based systems.

As we teach machines to learn, we too need to start learning from them in order to remain relevant and competitive in workforce of the future. Those looking for future proof career, building competencies in areas that machine will be unlikely to tackle effectively is likely the best recipe for success. So, in order to stay relevant and competitive in the era of AI you need to stay adapted to automation processes, and software driven machines that can now process unstructured data meaningfully. Businesses today are interested in bringing fusion skills, a mix of human and machine talent to their workplace. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning is pathway to Intelligent Automation. Indian staffing federation predicts that 7 million people will be employed in the information technology sector by 2023, with the growth coming from future technologies like AI, ML and automation.

So invest in honing these skills that enable you to collaborate with different AI agents.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML are showing never seen before efficiencies across all industries. A group of researchers at Saarland University Germany are building and an AI based system that can predict local thunderstorms more precisely than before .In business too Lily AI and Vue are disrupting retail and ecommerce. This is just beginning. Skilled professionals are in search for Python programming, data mining, statistical analysis and predictive modeling. A study by Analytic India Magazine found that 4000 AI jobs are lying vacant in India due to lack of suitable candidates. Are you ready to grab these vacant positions? If yes then run for these courses to boom your future career.

Hyper –Automation

Hyper Automation- a combination of multiple machine learning packaged software and automation tools to deliver work was predicted by Garter in his top 10 strategic technology trends for 2020. Hyper Automation builds on RPA combining business process management, AI, ML and data science to seamlessly automate multiple processes within a coherent organizational context. In 2021 existing automation professionals must leverage their tech skills like C,C++, Selenium, cucumber, Rest sharp etc. and BPM experience to move into more holistic hyper automation projects for more meaningful and impactful career.


The above skills will definitely add value to your career and you must have in order to survive in this tech age. Aedifico offer project learning courses that are industry focused and job oriented. Contact us now; we will help you achieve your career vision.

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