Pandemic has definitely slowdown the Indian economy leading to drop in employment, but it has also taught us that professionals with advanced skills are the need of crucial time. Technology is inevitable and majority of companies utilize tech driven solutions regularly. This means IT jobs are going to be the hot career in India. According to CIME the unemployment rate has declined from 11.9% in May2021 to 9.2% in June 2021. India is getting back on track where IT is the backbone of any business. India is taking the right move by hiring skilled and fresh professionals in IT. Information Technology industry is now opening new courses for job aspirant.

A mix of tech and skills will be required for nearly every position, according to CompTIA chief technology evangelist James Stanger. We are going to see a lot of defined job roles either being radically redefined, or even just go away.

Here are the few top IT jobs that experts predict will be in high demand by 2022:


Machine Learning Engineers:

Machine learning engineers are advanced programmers who develop AI machines and systems that can learn and apply knowledge. These professionals perform sophisticated programming, working with complex data-sets and algorithms to train these systems. 

We see every company becoming an AI company; and as that happens, Machine learning engineers are going to be very high in demand. The average machine learning salary in India according to Pay scale is 6.8lacs approx.

App Developers:

Across both end users and vendors, app developers will be in large demand in 2020. This could be a higher level role than simply coding, according to Forrester analyst Andrew Bartels ( VICE PRESIDENT) : THE developer may be someone who identifies a need and designs what the code would look like, and sends it off to someone else to do the actual coding.

Blockchain Developer: Blockchain developer builds and optimizes blockchain protocols and designs the architecture of blockchain system used in products such as apps and contracts. Several IT, financial, Healthcare industries are hiring professionals for this role. You need to possess skills like solidarity, hyper ledge Nodejs for this job.

Data Analyst: Since most of the business across all sectors including finance, manufacturing, government and education has started using big data, the most in demand job of 21 century is Data analyst. Data analyst focuses on leveraging data insights that can help business make better decisions. The average salary of Data analyst in India begins with 5 Lacs.

Cloud Engineer: Cloud computing has become one of the in demand skill and thus has created the job for cloud engineer. A cloud engineer manages all technical workload related to cloud computing. They design, plan, manage and monitor cloud computing systems of a company. They are mostly hired by IT companies who adopt and leverage software as service, Infrastructure as service offerings.

Cyber security specialist: Cyber security specialist looks after the system security structure of a company. The recent surge in cyber-attacks and threats has created the demand for cyber secutity specialist particularly in IT and BFSI companies. The main job of cyber specialist is to secure information against cybercrime  which includes, Phishing ,denial of service attacks, malware, viruses and hacking.

Full stack Engineer: A full stack developer are programmers and web developers who are skilled in coding. They develop  and design  web architecture, servers, and database for website, functionality and coding for mobile platforms. They evaluate software program, incorporate user interaction on website and enhance responsiveness of applications. They work with graphic designer and you can find jobs in various software companies, digital marketing companies and other companies who use and maintain web/mobile apps.

Data Scientist: Data scientist are high level professionals who  gather market ,business and customer data from multiple sources to process, analyses  and interpret it . Their outcomes are used to understand business performance and to design AI/ML tools. They are skilled in mining data and statistical analysis. You can find jobs as Data scientist in R&D wings of different IT, ecommerce, financial services and healthcare companies the average salary of data scientist in India is 7lacs.

Summing up

Growth is the other name of IT and world of work is digital. Thus demand for techis is going to be doubled as many organizations are going digital Post covid. The above in demand job list give you a peel into career which is likely to grow in upcoming years. So now you know what you need to learn  to be into competition .

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Our Director Speaks: 

Mr. VaseemDurrani, director of Aedifico – technical institute in Delhi says, “With all of these positions and new skills on the horizon, there is a high need to be proactive in providing training and skill-set for the same”.

His advice for people seeking career advancement is to research how their industry is changing and try to identify the skills that will be needed in the future.

Mr. Durrani conclude stating:

Everything from basic to advanced IT skills, data analysis, engineering, and research—will translate to finding yourself in the future’s most lucrative jobs. Think statistician, software developer, engineer, robotics expert, and scientific researcher.

Data Source : Time of India

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