How To Learn Programming In 6 Months and be Job Ready?

Do you want to build next Facebook, Instagram or something like WhatsApp?

Are you willing to learn coding or programming in just 6 months?

The title ‘6 Months Job Training Program’ seems to be fascinating to students who are looking to get their hands on different programming languages and be job ready.

Trust us it’s very much possible and if you’re reading this, then you are already on your journey ahead!

So how to learn programming and what’s the best approach to learn?

Most of the beginners buy a book or go to a website and follow tutorials. Well that’s short term as newbie programmer get stuck in tutorial with so many concept and are not able to face real world project on their own.

So best way to learn Programming is follow a project based learning approach. In a job your problem solving skills come first and so at Aedifico we offer project based learning that strengthen your problem solving skills.

Read the below steps to become a programmer.

1. Learn Programming Fundamentals- The first step is to choose the language to learn, Python is recommended to begin with as its easy to use. But you should always choose based on your interest and project that you would like to develop in future.

So if you want to develop a mobile app you may start with java or Kotlin for android. Always learn the basics thoroughly and try your skills on code by making your own problem and solving them.

2. Learn Data structures and Algorithms- Once you are comfortable with language the next thing is to learn Data structure and algorithms as they are heart of Programming. A right combination of data structures and algorithms is important in solving the problem. Try to implement data structure and algorithms and practice it in your programming language every day.

3. Build your first project- As we said many students get stuck when implementing the concepts learned from tutorial in real projects. Relax, we understand this better and so we make you start with simple projects and then move to complex ones. You can check with our mentors at Aedifico in more detail.

4. Explore- Your journey don’t end by finishing a project, there is yet more to explore. You can explore different field like machine learning, cloud computing, system programming, mobile app development, Block chain, virtual reality ,web development etc. Adapt the best practices to solve the problem in programming. Join us to know how you can become a better programmer.

Many people think Programmers are the people who started to learn coding at very small age. This myth is okay for some biggies who started coding at the early age and ended up becoming founders of some giant companies.

But it’s not applicable for all.

People often think if we start coding we need to learn everything about it otherwise we may end up jobless. That’s actually a false belief, every successful programmer learns elementary 20% of coding and leads to 100% with practice and perseverance. So, fix your brain by setting the above myths properly and start your journey .

Aedifico Tech is always working hard with students to maintain that ratio where every student who joined their courses get the job and become successful in career.

The Idea is not always to teach people how to get the job, it’s about their complete holistic development which can be with them for a longer period of time. Our 6 Months Training Program in brief:

  • Data Science 6 Months Training Program
  • Machine Learning 6 Months Training Program
  • Embedded Systems 6 Months Training Program
  • Android 6 Months Training Program
  • JAVA 6 Months Training Program

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