Machine Learning Solutions to look out for in 2022

Machine learning is universal today and you probably use it dozens of times in a day without knowing it.  From spotting a disease like cancer, to detecting escalators in condition of repairs, Machine learning has granted computer systems new aptitudes. In this hyper active technology market, Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are driving the growth of … Read more

New Application offers key behavioral data to improve Health

Covid19 global health crisis is accelerating dramatic change. Now, how can we create more empathetic healthcare experience? Are we investing in technology that can make experiences more human? Human behavior is one of the biggest drivers of health and wellness. In the future of health, where data and technology continue to advance human behavior can … Read more

Top Programming Languages for Machine Learning

If you are new in machine learning, you might have scratched your head to find what programming language you should learn? Programming and developer communities are emerging at a rate faster than before as it has made our life simple. The ever growing list of programming languages and protocols can make it tough for programmers … Read more

The In-Demand Skills People Need Most in 2021 and How To Learn Them?

What skills does a company value most in 2021? Are you well versed with them? No matter  your goal is  to begin a new job,  lead a team or grab bigger projects, learning these skills can help you stand out for that opportunity. After all we went through in pandemic, 2021 is still the year … Read more

Faculty Development Program on Python with Machine Learning and Data Science

New Digital Skills is surely getting on people’s mind. There is an urgent need to upgrade your skills even faculties feel the heat now. Delivering professional notes for ‘Faculty Development Program on Python with Machine Learning and Data Science. Feels good to know that everyone is doing their bit to skill-based learning. Aedifico’s mantra has … Read more

Must Have New Skills – AI, ML and Automation

Are you thriving in the new age of technology? If not then it’s time to up skill yourself with Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Automation. Given the layoffs in IT industry, it’s important to keep in mind and understand skills that are becoming outdated and being replaced by new skills which are highly in-demand. Jobs in fields such as … Read more