How To Learn Programming In 6 Months and be Job Ready?

Do you want to build next Facebook, Instagram or something like WhatsApp? Are you willing to learn coding or programming in just 6 months? The title ‘6 Months Job Training Program’ seems to be fascinating to students who are looking to get their hands on different programming languages and be job ready. Trust us it’s … Read more

Faculty Development Program on Python with Machine Learning and Data Science

New Digital Skills is surely getting on people’s mind. There is an urgent need to upgrade your skills even faculties feel the heat now. Delivering professional notes for ‘Faculty Development Program on Python with Machine Learning and Data Science. Feels good to know that everyone is doing their bit to skill-based learning. Aedifico’s mantra has … Read more


Pandemic has definitely slowdown the Indian economy leading to drop in employment, but it has also taught us that professionals with advanced skills are the need of crucial time. Technology is inevitable and majority of companies utilize tech driven solutions regularly. This means IT jobs are going to be the hot career in India. According … Read more