Career Prospects and Future Trends of Data Analytics in India

Are you aspirant and looking for high paying job opportunities in Data science?

Is Data analytics your dream career?

No matter you are starting fresh or considering a mid-career switch, here is all what you need to know to begin with Data analysis or Data Science.
India has developed into the global hub for analytics and Data analytics isn’t just the way of the future, in fact it’s the way of Right now!

Data analytic is one of the most sought after career option for today’s youth.

What is Data Scientist?

Data analytics is a process through which data is analyzed and modeled using tools. This data is then used to derive insights. The insights are then used for business related decision-making purposes.

There are many Data Analysis Training Institutes in India who can provide a handsome amount of knowledge to kick-start your career in this field. Read on to find more.

As companies are becoming more tech-driven and fast-paced now, data analysis professional are already playing an increasingly crucial role in businesses. Both startups and tech giants in India are adding data analysts to their workforce who are able of recording, analyzing and dissecting data to drive efficient decision-making.

Career Prospects and Scope of Data Analytics

Gartner predicts that by the end of 2024,75% of organizations will transition away from pilot programs and experiments to fully operationalized big data strategies .This shift is tend to increase streaming data and analytics infrastructure by 500%.

Companies have to stay updated with the requirements of huge volumes of data so that they don’t become obsolete. Therefore, experts who are well-versed in advanced analytics are considered to be crucial for organizations to adjust their business models and stay ahead of the competition. To master Data analytics, one can join data analytics training course.

The scope of data analytics In India includes companies in policing, banking, healthcare, fraud detection, e-commerce, energy, telecommunications, and risk management.

JPMorgan, Accenture, Microsoft, Adobe, Flipkart, AIG, Ernst & Young, Wipro, Vodafone & Deloitte are the organizations that had the greatest number of openings for data analysts last year.

Job Opportunities in Data analytics:

The world’s Economic Forums Future of work Report 2020 predicts that by 2025, the job with highest demand and growth will be of Data scientist.

There are plenty of job profiles available to people concerning data analytics like Data Architect, Data scientist, Data analyst, data engineer, Database administrator and statistician. So if you have strong analytical skills and numerical skills then you have got a better career scope in this field.

Average salary for data analysts in India

The average salary for a data analyst in India is Rs 10 lakhs per annum. Your salary increases with your work experience.

Data analysts with more than 5 years of experience often earn up to 15 lakhs per annum.

Senior data analysts with more than 10 years of experience could earn above 20 lakhs per annum.

Today, data analytics has become a big career option in India. As a result, data science course are in huge demand.


Experts believe that the following trends will dominate the world of analytics.

  1. Analytics will play an important role in data security. Analytics are already transforming differential privacy, intrusion detection, digital watermarking and malware countermeasures.
  2. The Internet of Things (IOT) will continue to grow rapidly. Analytics tools and methods for dealing with large amounts of structured and unstructured data generated by IOT will continue to gain importance.
  3. Companies will voice their need of routinely monetizing their own data for financial gain.
  4. Growth of Cognitive Analytics.
  5. Relevance of ‘Open Source Solutions’ will regain momentum.
  6. Boost in demand for Data Scientists- a hunt for people who can balance quantitative analysis skills with an ability to tell the story of their data in compelling, visual ways.
  7. Companies would become over-critical and cautious about Data Accuracy.


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