Career Prospects and Future Trends of Data Analytics in India

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Machine Learning Solutions to look out for in 2022

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Livwize – Affordable Home Automation Solutions

With the start of futuristic technology like self-driving cars, Amazon Alexa integration of more and more technology in our daily life is predictable. Home automation system is one aspect of it. The global home automation market is expanding from past few years being valued at $47.6 billion in 2018 and expected to grow at CAGR … Read more

New Application offers key behavioral data to improve Health

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Top Programming Languages for Machine Learning

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The In-Demand Skills People Need Most in 2021 and How To Learn Them?

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Why Python is The Best Programming Language?

Python is growing at supersonic speed. It is now the most popular introductory teaching language in Universities of United states. Google uses a mix of languages with C++, Python and now GO among them. You may not be aware, but Python is not a new language it was released in 1991 and has changed considerably … Read more

Learn Python and Become a Certified Python Programmer

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